Most would consider the winter months the slowest time in real estate.  It’s true that the time around the holidays is typically reserved for family and relaxation, with significant life changes on hold until after the new year.  But, savvy Realtors use that time to network, obtain re-certifications, and/or continue their education, allowing them to be fully prepared when the market “springs to life” in the spring – armed with new skills and a list of potential clients.

For those agents with properties on the market, the winter months may also be a good time to host open houses.  There’s typically less competition for clients during this time, and sellers may find a more serious pool of potential buyers, many of whom may be out looking due to an upcoming relocation.

Since most new listings occur in the spring, agents and sellers may also benefit from listing properties “early.”  In this way, you allow the home to stand out early.  It also increases the likelihood of an offer that sticks.

“Winter is a nice time of year to shop,” states Prudential’s Marilyn Bailey.  “There aren’t as many buyers out there, so you’re not competing with other offers as much.”