Real Estate Agent Client RelationshipEarning a client can take a lot of hard work, however keeping a client by providing stellar service, being an valuable information source and using your experience to navigate the housing market can be even harder work. In the digital age, home buyers and sellers are exposed to a wealth of information across many mediums. Although it is always great to work with someone who is informed and thus highly invested in the process, this new type of consumer is not afraid to take their business somewhere else if their needs are not being met.

How do you know if you’re meeting all of your clients’ needs? Here are a few tell-tale signs that your agent-client relationship might be going sour, and how to nurse that ailing relationship back to full health.

They’re Unaware Of The Process

In this day and age, it is immensely important that the consumer understands the process, especially one as complicated as buying or selling a home. If your clients feel as though they are flying blind throughout the various stages of the transaction, they can become rather unhappy with their navigator: the agent. Prevent this from happening by explaining what the road throughout the process looks like, and the various twists and turns that it could take. Share research and insights from your own experience in order to ensure that they are in good hands.

Your Answers Create More Questions

An important aspect of your job as a real estate agent is to be the ultimate resource for your client. If you find that you are explaining away outside advice, your client may be trumping your expertise by consulting someone else. Leaving your client uneducated will also leave them unsatisfied. Steer clear of this situation by taking time to answer all of your clients’ questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.

You Kill Them With Kindness

Although it may be the oldest rule in the book, being the nicest person in the world cannot substitute for a good working relationship. Some agents like to butter up their clients with small gifts, lots of smiles and an agreeable attitude, however your clients ultimately want someone who can get the job done. While it is always wise to be courteous and professional, make sure your stellar work does the talking for you.

You’re On Repeat

If you find yourself having repeat conversations, email exchanges and debates with your clients, they might be frustrated at the answer you are giving them. Confront the issue and squash it once and for all by. Being candid is often the best way to get to the real root of a problem and dealing with something head on will allow you and your client to move on to bigger things.

Google Is Their Favorite Real Estate Resource

If you’re client turns to Google more than they do to you for information, you have been officially dethroned as the expert in their eyes. This problem can be remedied by making sure you are always addressing your clients questions and issues to the best of your abilities.