We think it’s safe to assume that you receive a lot of phone calls. And, chances are, most of them are coming directly to your cell phone. With phone numbers listed on every ‘For Sale’ sign, brochure and on your website and social channels, it’s no surprise!

But, what happens if you are busy meeting with a client? Does the caller receive voicemail or does the call get transferred elsewhere?

Sometimes the difference of five minutes can determine if the person calling becomes a client or goes elsewhere.

Great news! We have a few recommendations if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation…


Companies like Grasshopper, Ring Central and MightyCall allow you to transform your cell phone into an actual business line, ensuring you have more control of incoming calls.

How it Works and the Benefits

  • These companies work with your current carrier and phone, but can mask it with a different number that you select.  
  • Allows you to route calls to specific team members or an entire group.  
  • There is a text feature that works the same way as calls. 
  • There are a number of call tracking options that allow you to see what marketing channels you are getting the best return on investment from.  
  • Customization is endless. You can set specific times during the day for calls to route elsewhere. 
  • You pay only for what you need, so you can select the plan that’s just right for your business needs and change whenever your circumstances change.  
  • In addition to local phone numbers, you also have the option of setting up a toll-free number as well.

We hope that whatever system you use that it helps support you, your team and business!