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Facebook3AppIf you are one of the 250 Million Facebook users, and you also have an iPhone, then last Thursday’s release of the Facebook 3.0 application for iPhone was an event you should pay attention to.  Apple approved the long awaited update to the Facebook application for the iPhone, giving users huge functionality improvements over the prior Facebook application.

For those who are using Facebook from your computer, this updated iPhone application extends the functionality you experience on your computer to your iPhone so you can keep current, interact, and connect from the field. And, as we all all know, the busy Realtor has a hard time finding the time to sit in front of their computer.  Now it is easier than ever to keep up from the road.

A full list of functionality improvements are available here at Facebook.com.  Some of the more functional ones for REALTORS on the go who are interested in using social media to build their business include:

  • See your friends birthdays: For years, the personal touch of sending a birthday card has been a successful relationship building strategy. With the new iPhone application, you can easily see upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends (have you friended any of your clients or prospects yet?) and wish them a happy birthday from the road.
  • Call your friends from within the Facebook application: If your friend has their phone number in their profile, you can tap the number to call them without having to type in the number or look them up in contacts.
  • Make friend requests: Are you at a party and meet someone who you want to friend on Facebook? No need to take their card and wait until you get home, now you you can look them up and send a friend request from the party.
  • Like posts and photos: A cornerstone of social media success is engaging others. The new Facebook application makes it as simple to “like” posts and photos from your phone as it is from your computer. This allows you to effectively give quick feedback to your friends posts without having to be back at your office or home computer.
  • Create shortcuts to your favorite friends and pages: If you are interested in keeping up with a particular client who is your friend on Facebook, you can now create a shortcut button that takes you directly to that individual users profile.

This list just scratches the surface of enhanced features.  So, head to the App Store from your iPhone and download the Facebook 3.0 application (by the way, the application is free), or download it here from your computer and synchronize your iPhone with your computer.  It is a huge improvement in functionality and usability.  Give it a try!

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