newlawsblogSeveral new laws affecting the real estate industry became effective this year. In a previous post, we discussed SB 931: Short Sale Deficiency Protection for Sellers, in which lenders who have agreed to a short sale will not have the ability to obtain a deficiency judgment against the seller after the short sale is completed (applying only to first mortgage loans).

In this series of posts, we will highlight and give an overview of the other laws that also went into effect in January.

Foreclosure Protection for Tenants:
Senate Bill 1149 states that tenants that remain in a property after is has been foreclosed must be provided a notice of their statutory rights for one year, and must be explained in a separate cover sheet or included in a 90-day termination notice. This law also prohibits a landlord from harming a tenant’s credit score by revealing unlawful detainer records, unless the landlord prevails in court. Read More

Energy Efficiency Audit in Home Inspection Report
Effective January 1, 2011, a home inspection and inspection report may include a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) home energy efficiency audit if requested by a client. The inspection may be performed by a home inspector who meets the HERS regulations requirements. REALTORS are encouraged to provide the HERS booklet that explains the statewide HERS program to residential buyers. Read More