People still buy houses, as everyone needs a place to live.  Home ownership remains a high priority for Americans.  If you’ve been disappointed by the lack of traffic through your home, give a thought to these six ways to attract more potential buyers:

  1. Price.  Review current comps with your agent.  If your house has been on the market for a while, your price might be out of whack with similar houses in your neighborhood.  Also consider a fresh appraisal, especially if you’ve made recent improvements.
  2. Curb appeal.  Potential buyers drive neighborhoods looking for their dream home.  If they like what they see on the outside, they’ll want to see what’s on the inside!  Replace out of season flowers, consider a fresh coat of paint, and cut back overgrown bushes.
  3. Interior appeal.  Get rid of the clutter!  Store the curios and the sofa that doesn’t quite fit.  You may even consider employing a professional staging company, who can put just the right spin on rooms that have just a little too much room or not quite enough natural light.
  4. Listing.  These days, buyers start their search on the internet.  By putting your home’s best face, inside and out, into your listing, you make people want to see it in person.  And if you’ve made some changes to its curb or interior appeal, make sure your pictures show that!
  5. Negotiation.  Consider every offer.  Oftentimes, the ground between the two parties is smaller than it may appear.  Consider the implications of rejecting it.  VERY.  CAREFULLY.
  6. Sweeten the pot.  If you’re close to a deal but not quite, consider giving the buyer an incentive to say yes.  For example, if you’ve already decided to sell the backyard shed or washer & dryer set, consider throwing them in.  Also consider offering help on closing costs.

Stay ahead of the competition.  By following one (or several) of these suggestions, you’ll be one step closer to finding the buyer of your dreams!