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Cynthia Moller is a Senior Escrow Officer, who specializes in commercial and bulk sales and loves giving back. With nearly three decades of escrow experience, she has an exceptional depth of industry knowledge that she readily offers up in her blog, “Ask Cynthia,” and to her loyal clients at Glen Oaks Escrow in Valencia..

“I like to be out front – talking, writing and presenting ideas about this great industry we’re a part of,” she said. “With today’s advanced technologies, we can easily do this, yet it’s rare to find escrow companies taking advantage of the opportunities. That’s what drew me to Glen Oaks Escrow. They’re a forward-thinking company with amazing communications and state-of-the-art processes that enable me to serve my clients better.” 

Cynthia started in banking, moved over to escrow and immediately began working on complex transactions like assumptions, notes and deeds of trust. Today, clients appreciate her technical expertise in a wide range of escrow transactions. Her area of specialization is commercial and bulk sales, but she also successfully manages residential and liquor license transfers.

Cynthia is also a “front person” in her personal life. As a “drop in” singer with several local southland bands, she often performs at events to support charities like the Food Pantry. When she’s not onstage or working with non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, this hardworking Mom brings her vibrant personality home to share with the three biggest joys in her life – her children.

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Stacy Kung

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Stacy Kung serves as the Escrow Support Services Manager at Pango Group and plays a significant role in the organization’s digital support division to ensure that escrow officers feel supported.

She brings a great deal of experience from various service-oriented customer service roles, and she’s pulled from those past experiences to create positive engagement, meaningful relationships, and happy clients each and every day.

Her appreciation for clear and concise communication and being a team player have proved to be extremely useful in her role. Daily, Stacy works diligently to ensure that her team is set up for success and is always there to lend a helping hand if someone needs a little support.

When Stacy isn’t busy helping grow the escrow support services team and offerings, you can find her exploring new food and restaurants. She’s an avid foodie and loves researching and planning trips around discovering new restaurants.